Adhesives, glues and sealants

Welcome to the website of adhesives, glues and sealants, the main aim of this web is to provide to interested users in the field of adhesives the maximum information about the nature, operation and use of adhesives and glues in its various applications and areas used with this type of material.

If we look around us, most of the objects that surround us are built by adhesives or glues, our computer screen, the shoes that we wear, our mobile phone, the shelf in our room and the walls around us are manufactured using adhesives and glues,thanks to the adhesives we can go to the space, our vehicles consume less energy and are more environmentally friendly... think about this and see how the adhesives and glues are part of our daily lives.

Within this great goal we have set, this site has been divided into 3 main sections:

Introduction to adhesives and glues

In this area it is found a series of articles which explain the fundamental basis for understanding the origin, nature and functioning of adhesives, glues and sealants, once we know how to operate with adhesives, we will be able to understand any kind of union made with them, as well as designing them.

Adhesives and glues

In this block you will find information about different types of adhesives, glues and sealants available today, also you will learn about its chemical composition, physical and chemical properties. It can also be found various applications where the adhesive is used.

Adhesive bonding

This block is the largest and most important of the entire web about adhesives and sealants, this section encompasses the entire adhesive process. You will find, the design phase and calculation of adhesive bonding, the quality management which encompasses the entire structural bonding process, the process of preparation and application of adhesives and also, its maintenance during the life use of the adhesive bond.

Finally we would like you to become a part of this website, correcting errors, providing new knowledge on a topic related to adhesives and glues, etc ... you can share each of these items with your circles of friends, professional education you wish. On the other hand you can send us your comments from the contact section, and anything else you would like to know.

New server

If you are an engineer, designer, applicator or you deal with adhesives in your job, this is definitely your place, here you can find and share all information related to the world of adhesives, glues and sealants.

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