Adhesive bonding - adhesive process

The use of adhesive as bonding material is experiencing a boom in its use due to the advantages over other materials. Currently they are used for structural bonding materials with high security requirements; this is why the importance of being knowledgeable about the entire process of adhesive from the design phase of the union to the application of the adhesive on the real joint.

Articles in this block contain information about the complete cycle of the adhesive process, the design phase which calculates and optimizes the adhesive bonding, selection and validation of the adhesive or glue, quality management and application of adhesive to the substrates.

Adhesive process - adhesive process overview, description of each of the stages or phases that encompasses the adhesive process.

Din 2304 - Description of the general industry adhesive bonding normative

Din 6701 - Description of the Railway adhesive bonding normative

European adhesive engineer – Purpose of the figure of the European Adhesive Engineer in the adhesive process, tasks and responsibilities of the European Adhesive Engineer.

Engineering and Design of adhesive bonding

Desingn of adhesive bonding - General principles of a correct and optimal design of adhesive joint.

Quality Management of adhesive bonding

Adhesives test- Describe the types of tests performed in the adhesives and adhesive joints, target testing, destructive testing and nondestructive testing.

Adhesive fracture types - Classification and description of the types of fractures that can occur in an adhesive, adhesive fracture, cohesive, mixed-substrate...

Destructive testing - Description of the destructive testing of adhesives, examples of destructive testing, objectives, advantages and disadvantages of destructive testing.

Nondestructive testing - Description of the non destructive testing of adhesives, examples, techniques and methods of nondestructive testing, objectives, advantages and disadvantages of nondestructive testing.

Ageing in adhesives - Definition of ageing effect in the adhesives and aging in adhesive bonding, mechanical, chemical and physical deterioration accelerate and cause the ageing in the adhesive.

Ageing testing - Explanations and examples of aging tests done on adhesive bonds.

Analytical Methods - Definition and examples of analytical methods applied in adhesives, spectroscopy, chromatography and surface analysis.

Surface Analysis - Definition and examples of different techniques currently used for surface analysis.

Application of adhesives

Surface preparation - The importance of surface preparation in adhesive joints, objective and necessary steps for surface preparation.

Cleaning agents - definition and examples of the cleaning agents used in the surface preparation process.

Surface preparation of metals - Examples and processes used in the preparation of metal surfaces.

Surface preparation of plastic - Examples and processes used in the preparation of plastic surfaces.

Surface preparation of glass - Examples and processes used in surface preparation of glass.

Plasma - Definition of plasma, plasma application as a technique to treat surfaces prior to adhesive application.


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