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Analytical methods


What are the analytical methods?

Analytical methods are defined as the set of techniques that allow us to know qualitatively and / or quantitatively the composition of any material and chemical state in which it is located.

The application of analytical methods in the field of adhesives will allow us to:

  • Know the composition of all elements involved in the adhesive joint, the elements that make up the adhesive, substrate, primers, activators, etc ....

  • Know the state of the surface before the application of the adhesive.

  • Analyze qualitatively and quantitatively the origin of an adhesive joint failure

  • Design and improvement both surface preparation processes and products of the adhesive system (adhesive, primer, activator ....)

  • Investigate and learn the process of adhesion.

We can classify the analytical methods in the following 3 groups:

analytical methods

The technique of spectroscopy is based on the interaction of particles of radiation incident on a material, so that we obtain a spectrum or graph which reflects this interaction. Depending on the spectrum we may be able to quantify and determine the composition of the material.

Infrared spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy are spectroscopic techniques used in the field of adhesives.

Chromatography is based on the separation of different elements or compounds that comprise a material, for identification and quantification of such compounds, for this chromatography uses various chemical interactions that can occur in a material in order to separate compounds.

Gas chromatography, and gel fluids are chromatographic techniques used in the field of adhesives

Finally the group of surface analysis techniques are aimed at the identification and quantification of all elements and compounds found on the surface of a material, within this group of techniques we can find spectroscopic methods such as XPS and AES and other methods based on different models of information acquisition, like SPM, coinciding both methods to analyze the state and composition of any surface.

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