Classification of adhesives and glues - examples

Humanity has always had the tendency and the obsession to classify and organize everything around us, in order to simplify the complex to understand, throughout our existence we have classified the sky and stars, we have classified the animals, minerals and plants in our planet, we have classified the mountains, rivers, countires.... and therefore we also classified adhesives, glues and sealants.

The main objective to classify the adhesives is to group the wide range of adhesives, glues and sealants that currently exist in the market, in order to relate and better understand their origin, operation and use.

A first classification of adhesives is divided according to their origin, therefore, we will have natural adhesives and synthetic adhesives.

glue point Natural adhesives are those adhesives that are produced or extracted from natural resources such as plants or animals, starch, casein glues or natural rubber are examples of natural adhesives.

glue point Synthetic adhesives are those that are not found in nature and are designed and manufactured by man, we can say that synthetic adhesives are adhesives laboratory.

Synthetic adhesives are the most widely used adhesives in the various sectors that use these materials, because the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of these adhesives are far superior to natural adhesives.

There are several ways of classifying the extensive catalog of synthetic adhesives available today, among them we can mention the following:

glue point By the number of packages or components needed to produce the solidification or curing of the adhesive:

adhesives types

glue point By the structure and nature takes the adhesive polymer after curing:

glue point By the type of cure that occurs in the adhesive:

glue point By the mechanical properties of adhesives:

By the kind of state which is the adhesive before applying:

The classification most used to differentiate over the wide range of adhesives, is by the type of cure or solidification process that occurs in the adhesive:


Polyaddtion adhesives:

  • Epoxy adhesives

  • Poliurethanes adhesives

  • Silicones adhesives

  • Hot curing rubber adhesives

Polimerization adhesives :

  • Metacrylates adhesives

  • Cyanoacrilates

  • Anaerobic adhesives

  • Unsaturated polyester adhesives

  • Acrylates curing radiation

  • Epoxy curing radiation

Polycondensation adhesives :

  • Silicones

  • Silanes modified

  • Phenolic adhesives

  • Polyamides



  • Hotmelts

  • Solvent based adhesives

  • Waterbone adhesives

  • Contact adhesives

  • Dispersion adhesives

  • Plastisols adhesives

  • Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA)

Now that you know several ways to classify adhesives and glues, would you be able to tell me what family belongs cyanoacrylate glue?.

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