Components of adhesives and glues - composition of adhesives

As occurs in paints coatings, adhesives consist of various chemical components where each of these compounds has a specific function, inside of an adhesive in addition of the main polymer that provides the main properties of the adhesive, there are other compounds such as additives and fillers that provides specific properties to the adhesive.

The adhesives are polymers that can be classified into 2 major groups according to the manner in which cross linking or curing reached:

glue point Chemical curing adhesives.

glue point Physical curing adhesives.

adhesive composition

Chemical curing adhesives reach their cured or crosslink by a series of chemical reactions (polyaddition, polycondensation or polymerization) that occur internally between the monomers, such adhesives are composed by the following compounds:

Physical curing adhesives are those adhesives that contain the polymer already formed, but they need an energy (heat, pressure, etc.) to produce the adhesion and curing process, such adhesives are composed by the following compounds:

About all the compounds listed above, we do special mention about the fillers, due that the correct selection of the fillers we will directly influence the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the adhesive, glue or sealant.

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