Din 6701

In recent years more and more companies from various sectors uses adhesives as a means of bonding and assembly products that they manufacture, in Europe more than 60% of the products manufactured incorporate adhesives at some point in its manufacturing process.

In this context and in order to ensure all those joints used with adhesives, which can cause a risk to the integrity of individuals or of the vehicle itself, within the railway sector born in Germany the normative DIN 6701 in 2005, from this time more and more companies use in their processes adhesives become aware of the responsibility that comes with using such materials in structural joints, DIN 6701 is equivalent to the international standard UNE-ISO 15085 which regulates all joints welded within the railway sector.

As we mentioned DIN 6701 is specific to the rail sector, that standard is divided into the following 4 parts:

DIN 6701 establishes 4 types of unions according to their criticality and impact that can lead to failure:

As is the case with other standards, DIN 6701 is basically concerned with ensuring that manufacturers:

It is necessary that all personnel involved in the process of bonding have specific knowledge of each work carried out, studies in this area guarantee that 90% of failures that occur in an adhesive bond is due to lack of knowledge of personnel involved in the project, as well as the law establishes three levels of training or qualifications depending on the profile or job that develops within the company:

The training course of European Adhesive Engineer consists of 332 hours of theory and practice focused on all aspects involving adhesive bonding, performing an examination both written and oral in order to validate the extensive knowledge gained in the course. The European Adhesive Engineer is responsible for ensuring the whole process (design, industrialization, implementation and maintenance) of any adhesive bonding taking the necessary decisions to ensure the quality of the union.

The training course European Adhesive Specialist consists of 120 hours where much of the subject taught within the course of European Engineer acquired, specialists have the ability to monitor and define the instructions for proper adhesive bonding, monitor the entire process and the parameters involved and to identify and correct any irregularities.

The training course of European Adhesive Bonder consists of 40 hours of theory and practices focused on the proper execution of any adhesive bonding taking into account all the parameters that influence to ensure the quality of the adhesive bond. This course is essential for the successful conclusion of all operators executes adhesive bonds governed under DIN 6701.

Finally for a company acquires the certificate DIN 6701 requires that a competent authority in the matter conduct periodic audits verifying that both staff and the means, resources and management system are appropriate to ensure the quality of any adhesive bonding.

Currently and increasingly companies from various sectors have in their staff with the titles described above, improving day by day knowledge of this matter and ensuring at all times the quality of the adhesive bond. Such is the success achieved DIN 6701 has crossed the borders of the railway sector leading to DIN 2304 application in any industrial sector.

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din 6701

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