Polyaddition - polyaddition reactions

What is polyaddition?

Polyaddition reactions are chemical reactions in which the polymer is originated by successive additions of functional groups (monomer A) inside of molecular structures with double bonds (monomer B).

We start from a molecule containing double bonds (monomer B), which through the action of temperature, pressure or a chemical agent breaks the double bond, is at this moment when the monomer A occupies the place of the double bond and incorporate to the structure and form the polymer.

One of the main features of polyaddition reactions is that during the formation of the polymer does not emit any volatile compounds, as is the case of polycondensation reactions.


Adhesives cured by polyaddition:

Epoxy Adhesives:

Polyurethane Adhesives:

Silicone Adhesives:

In general the rate of cure of the adhesive of polyaddition is more than the curing adhesives by polycondensation and below the polymerization curing adhesives.

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