Advantages and benefits of adhesives - Adhesive advantages

Why using adhesives to bond material things? There are currently several techniques to create a bond, such as welding, riveting, screwing, etc ..., the use of adhesives and glues as materials used to perform unions are in a phase of expansion and boom, because they include the following advantages and benefits compared to other joining methods:

adhesive and glues advantages

On the other hand, there are a number of processes / products that would be impossible to manufacture without the use of adhesives, such as the tapes for masking process prior to painting, repairing bicycle wheels, climalit style window with noise and temperature insulation, placement of brackets on the teeth, tooth reconstruction, the office post it....

The knowledge of each of the various joining techniques currently available (adhesives, welding, riveting, bolting, etc. ...), will allow us to select the optimal technique for each case in which we want to join 2 or more parts, due each of these techniques has advantages and disadvantages compare with the others.

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