Chemical adhesives - definition and examples.

Chemical adhesives are those adhesives which polymer chains are formed and joined together to form the adhesive through various chemical reactions also called polyreactions. Therefore a chemical reaction will be needed in order to produce the adhesive.

We can classify chemical reactions or polyreactions in 3 groups:

Chemical curing adhesives are based on a series of monomers which react chemically with them in order to produce polymers structures with thermoplastic, elastomers or thermosets properties.

Composition of chemical curing adhesives:

Chemical curing adhesives have excellent chemical, mechanical and physical properties compare with physical curing adhesive that is the reason about the use of these types of adhesives to perform joins that requires certain levels of strength and security.

Properties of chemical curing adhesives:

Below there is a list of all the chemical curing adhesives are currently used:

Polyaddtion adhesives:

Polimerization adhesives :

Polycondensation adhesives :

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