European adhesive engineer - EAE

The figure of the European adhesive engineer has been created in order to train and to empower people with broad and deep knowledge of the process of adhesive bonding, with the purpose of proper decisions about the total adhesive process, from its design to its maintenance during the life of the product, ensuring at all times the quality of the adhesive bonding.

Due to the many advantages offered by adhesive bonding over other types of techniques, nowadays adhesives are used to perform unions that require a high degree of safety, for example the union of wind turbine blades, glass front and side glass of vehicles, aircraft wings, structural racks, etc ... all of this makes necessary to ensure the design and implementation of the entire adhesive process in order to avoid possible accidents, this is the reason or cause which creates the European Adhesive Engineer, as the technical and human part capable of ensuring the whole adhesive process.

The European Adhesive Engineer (EAE) acquires the same figure and responsibilities that the European Welding Engineer, both figures represent the human side of the adhesive and the welding processes.

The tasks of the European Adhesive Engineer can be grouped into:

Nowadays, there are several training centers where they have formal training. They are certified to study, and to develop and validate European Adhesive Engineer, the candidate must receive a total of 320 hours of teaching and overcome the various examinations established during the course.

With all this, an European adhesive engineer is a person who helps the organization to define, optimize, manage and monitor all the adhesive bonds made during the design, production and maintenance process of the bonded joints, the European adhesive engineer is the person who conveys confidence and knowledge to the field of adhesive bonding.

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